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  1. Are you a financial advisor?

  2. Can I generate a report or spreadsheet to print or share with others?

  3. Can I turn off the notification messages I am receiving?

  4. How can I change the assumptions used in the analysis?

  5. How can I see more detail for each goal?

  6. How do I add a goal?

  7. How do I complete / edit my financial profile?

  8. How do I contact LifeWellth for partnership / advertising opportunities?

  9. How do I delete goals?

  10. How do I see my assessment?

  11. How should I interpret my plan?

  12. I am currently spending on one of the goals I have added, should I exclude that amount from my expenses?

  13. I don't know how much I spend?

  14. I don’t know how much I will need for my goal?

  15. I set my goal on the right time, but now it is showing in a different location and the time is wrong?

  16. I touched a button but nothing happens.

  17. I want to add a retirement goal but it is greyed out, what gives?

  18. I want to make my goal start further into the future but I only see up to 25 years.

  19. I want to move a goal to another time or change when I want my goal to start?

  20. Is my information private and secure?

  21. My forecast is rainy or stormy, should I be worried?

  22. My forecast is sunny but I was very ambitious in setting my goal, is the analysis correct?

  23. My question is not answered here, is there a phone number I can call?

  24. Should I provide my income before or after taxes?

  25. The app crashes or goes into a continuous loop, what should I do?

  26. What level of importance should I set for my goals?

  27. What types of assets should I include in my profile?

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